Prom to be held at Alwyngton Manor


Katie Larkin, Staff Reporter

For the first time in more than ten years, FHS will be hosting prom off campus. The venue is Alwyngton Manor.
Junior class officers and seniors Rooty Jackson and Kendall Scott proposed the idea of an off campus prom to the administration through a Prezi presentation. Junior class representative Nicole Hutt helped students to voice their wishes for prom.
“After some research, we figured out that there was a phenomenal decline in the amount of students going to prom, and these numbers had been dropping every year,” Hutt said. “When I asked students for their thoughts on this, they all agreed that the cafeteria setting dampened the prom experience.”
Junior class president Peter Myers worked with Jackson, Scott, and senior Jackie Crabtree to create the Prezi.
We presented our extensive research and surveys to students about whether they would be willing to pay extra to have prom off campus,” Myers said. “We gave them different options of where it could be, and after Mr. Burton toured Alwyngton Manor, it was approved. They seemed to be impressed with our efforts.”
This year’s theme at prom will be a black tie soiree. Tickets will be $50, which is pricier than previous years, but the package offers more. Prom will also be hosted earlier this year: from 7 to 11 p.m. Space is limited at this venue, so seniors will have the first opportunity to buy tickets.
“There will be appetizers and drinks, and Ciao Bella photography will be there to cover the event. Additionally, there will be a trolley provided, and when you purchase your tickets, there will be different package options for just tickets, pictures, and a trolley ride back to the school for after prom, which will be hosted in the gym as usual,” Jackson said. “It is more of a special and formal event because we have it at a nice venue as opposed to the school cafeteria.”
Hutt expects the student body will carry themselves well at prom.
“The music will be more elegant and refined, and there won’t be as much of a homecoming feel. This is being held where people have wedding receptions. It’s a big step up from the cafeteria, so we expect students to present themselves respectably,” Hutt said. “I am really excited about this, and I hope that it will be Fauquier High School’s place and that it will be the first of many years hosting prom here.”
This year’s After Prom will be an After Hours Glo Party, and will take place at FHS from 11 p.m. on April 11 and continue until 4 a.m. on April 12. There is no charge to attend After Prom; FHS juniors and seniors are welcome, regardless of whether they purchased a prom ticket. After Prom will feature a movie theater with newly released movies, a popcorn and candy bar, a money machine, a selfie station, inflatable twister, bungee basketball, a black light atmosphere, video games, and various new prizes, including King’s Dominion tickets, an Xbox One system, cash prizes, Nationals’ tickets, and new student gift baskets. Of course, the red car donated by Country Chevrolet will be won by a lucky senior. Prize winners will be announced at 3 a.m.
After years of helping her mom, Kim Steves, at After Prom, junior Megan Steves will finally get to attend. She says some people choose to attend parties instead of After Prom, but they shouldn’t.
“I am beyond excited for After Prom because it’s free when all of the things that we are offering would be a lot of money regularly. You won’t run out of anything to do, because even after you finish the games, you can go stuff your face and watch movies,” Steves said. “You have the rest of your life to party, and not too many After Proms that you could attend. You can never be too old for a moon bounce.”