Jeremy Alexander projects incredibly talented voice

Gretchen Deitrich, Staff Reporter

Junior Jeremy Alexander, the second place runner up for Fauquier Idol and a member of all state chorus, was recently admitted to summer Governor’s School for Performing Arts.
On April 30, Alexander sang in All State Chorus at the Sandler Center in Virginia Beach. After auditioning to become a member, participants must rehearse the music on their own time.  He received the highest score of all the tenors from District 14 who auditioned for the All-Virginia Choir. According to chorus director Joan Bacot, the members worked with an outstanding director who brought out the best musicianship in all of the students. The director spent an hour giving the students advice on what to do if they wanted to get a degree in music and study it professionally.
“All-States was an unforgettable experience,” Alexander said. “Its amazing singing with other kids my age [who hold] the same experiences and caliber as me.”
Alexander’s third grade teacher got him involved into acting after she noticed him doing an excellent job in a Reader’s Theatre run through. Alexander first started singing in his elementary school choir. He primarily joined to learn how to sing when he was acting in a musical.
“In both fourth and fifth grade, I didn’t have [a major singing part],” Alexander said. “I played Edgar in the Aristocrats and even though it was a major part, I only sang one line.”
Alexander continued his choir career into middle school. He only acted in a few plays, and realized that there was much more to his singing ability. In the 6th grade, Alexander played Chin Ho in the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie.
“[Chin Ho] is one of the main characters that has a big number in the second act,” Alexander said. “I nervously [sang it] in front of the class and when I was finished the entire class stood up and gave me a standing ovation.”
The standing ovation gave Alexander the confidence he needed to perfect his singing ability. Since middle school, Alexander has been active in the choral departments of Fauquier. Choir director, Joan Bacot believes that Alexander has a worth ethic that matches his talent and in turn, acts like a model for the rest of the students.
“Jeremy is an intense person. He uses that intensity in the best possible way to bring all of his energy and intelligence to the art of singing.” Bacot said.
Since Alexander started chorus in freshman year, Bacot believes that he has improved in many ways since his freshman year.
“His pitch is much more accurate. He is learning to use the full range of dynamics and expressive subtleties available to him,” Bacot said. “He understands how to work with an ensemble, listening and adjust as needed.”
Another aspect to Alexander’s budding singing career is his collaborations with other artists. Senior Cameron Scott, worked alongside Alexander at the Earth Day Festival to says that he is an amazing singer with an opera like voice. Scott also believes that Alexander is quick to understand music.
“[When collaborating] it was easy to get on the same page with him music wise, because I was playing music for him and he was singing,” Scott said. “He’s quick to understand what key I’m in. He’s just really good with music.”
Another person who collaborated with Alexander is Fauquier alum Daneel Patal who graduated in 2014.  The final chorus concert was quickly arriving and Ms. Bacot had opened up an opportunity for Patal and Alexander to sing together. Since Patal had met Alexander, he had admired Alexander’s passion, determination and natural talent for singing. The two agreed to sing an acoustic version of Pompeii by Bastille in the concert.
“I immediately turned to Jeremy, he had basically been my prodigy all year, as I knew that once I left he would be there to carry on what I was leaving,” Patal said. “It was honestly one of my favorite performances of my life, it wasn’t rehearsed or with the whole chorus, it was just two guys sitting down doing what they love.”
When Alexander practices on his own he prefers to sing choral music however, he likes to sing alternative rock like Panic and the Disco! and Queen whenever he performs at the Coffeehouse or other school singing related events. A go to song for Alexander is, The Man who Can’t Be Moved by The Script. Alexander likes the song because it flows well, is easy to remember and goes really well in his range.
Although Alexander prefers to sing choral music when practicing, he likes to sing alternative rock.
Panic at the Disco!  is now one of my favorite music acts, but I love Queen,” Alexander said. “Generally, the favorite [song] I like to do for quite a few of auditions and the coffeehouse is, The Man Who Can’t be Moved.”
At Fauquier Idol on March 11, Alexander sang All of Me by John Legend. He participated only to have fun performing and not an intention to win. He believed that it was a great experience for him and his singing career.
“I was just doing it for fun because I had nothing else to do,” Alexander said. “It was definitely a fun experience and I think I’ll do it again next year.”
In the future, Alexander plans to at least minor in musical performance but hopes to major in something that centers on geography and computer technology, however, he is still searching for back up plans if majoring in music is not an option. Alexander continues to pursue music as best as he can to his ability.
“I love how I’ve been able to use my voice in different places,” Alexander said. “Here’s the thing with music, you’re never done practicing.”