Fernandez beats three school records

Luz Gonzalez, Advertising Manager

Junior Carson Fernandez is a member of the prestigious 4×800 relay team that currently holds the past two state championships titles. In addition, on April 15, Fernandez broke the school record of 9:41 for the 3200 meter at Woodgrove High School with a time of 9:39. During the indoor track season, he finished fourth in 4A classification at states.
His goals for spring track include another trip to states to capture yet another championship title.
“This year definitely [we want to] win a state championship-that’s top of the list-and continue the domination of our relays with the 4×4 and 4×8,” Fernandez said.
On April 29, Fernandez, and the other relay team members, seniors Raul Chavez and Madison Curry and junior Sam Oravec, attended the Penn Relays in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the oldest and largest track and field competition in the United States.
“It’s a special event which you are invited into, or taken in by request, if you have a good enough time,” Fernandez said.
The relay team came in fifth place at the Penn Relays event.
“It was a fun experience,” Fernandez said. “The only way to be good at Penn Relays is to have the experience, and having it from before, so the only thing to take from it is the experience, it’s the only way to prepare for it.”
Fernandez has been running track for three years now; he does cross country, winter, and spring track. His parents persuaded him to try track because his father ran it in college and regretted not doing it in earlier in high school.
“What got me into it, I guess, is the people, the time you spend with your friends,” Fernandez said. “That’s what makes it the most interesting, having a group to yourself. My teammates, they’re my closest friends. I do everything with them; we attend team dinners, watch movies, and play games.”
Fernandez also has earned the respect of his coaches.
“Carson is a talented runner who, most importantly, works extremely hard and is also very competitive,” distance track coach Mark Scott said.  “He consistently puts in quality effort, day in and day out, and takes advantage of his opportunities to compete.”
With doing track year round, Fernandez is constantly busy, between practices and participating in meets, and his parents give him unlimited support.
“My family always attends each meet I go to,” Fernandez said. “My mother takes photos and sends them to the Fauquier newspaper. My father always comes out and supports me, as well, and makes sure I have all the equipment I need.”
Fernandez is in Photojournalism 3 and has spent this semester doing a spread on current events for the school yearbook and helping out classmates.
“I like the idea of taking pictures and journalism, as well,” Fernandez said. “Some of my earlier influences [that got me into it] would be watching Superman, the animated series, as a kid and being interested in the idea of Clark Kent and journalists.”
Fernandez is not sure about continuing track in college, but leaving a legacy and being remembered provides him with motivation to continue to excel in high school.
“What keeps me going is the hope that I would one day have a state ring of my own,” Fernandez said. “Being remembered, of course, and leaving a legacy behind.”