Polka dots, cardigans and sweaters: Oh my!

Maddie Lemelin, Features/Arts Director

The weather outside is frightful… so dress properly. It is always difficult to dress comfortably in winter and remain warm at the same time. And some days you just don’t feel like dressing to impress. Fight that urge. I am firm believer in “look good, feel good,” dress well to feel better about yourself later in the day. Here are some new trends to keep in style this season.
1. The classic trench coat is a basic wardrobe component, but this season it’s really making a come-back; it’s a great way to stay warm and look good.
2. Lace dresses are hip and happening: dress one up with a wide belt, tights, flats or heels and you’ve got yourself a trend.
3. Cardigans and button downs are also popular this season- especially, boyfriend cardigans and denim-collared shirts. Match these up with a pendant necklace, another staple in winter style, for something a little extra.
4. Block patterns sweaters are arriving straight from the 80s; match patterned sweaters with a solid scarf for extra warmth this winter.
5. In addition to block patterns, polka dots are a total asset. Wear them on sweaters, shoes, and even pants.