Students show patriotism on Veterans Day

Katie Miller, Staff Reporter

Soldiers limping and wounded hoping to get to a safe place and trying not to make the wrong move that could risk their life. Freshman Tommy Olney’s grandfather was in World War two and is still alive and well today. Although he lives in Texas “we’re pretty close, and I visit him a lot,” Olney said. Olney’s family celebrates Veterans Day by having a cookout with family and friends here in Virginia.
“My grandpa has been through the unimaginable,” Olney said. His grandpa told him stories about some stuff he went through in the war, “ He told me how terrible it was,” Olney said. “He told me in the trenches he could hear the Japanese whispering at night,” Olney said.
Olney’s dad is also a veteran, he served in the Marines. Olney mentioned he wouldn’t mind joining the military. “ I want to try to get in the Naval academy,” he said.
“They deserve respect for their sacrifices they’ve made,” junior Tim Henson said. Both of Henson’s parents are veterans, his mom was in the burn unit and his dad was a surgeon for the Air Force. Henson goes on vacation to the Potomac for veterans day. Because of their experiences in the military, “they know how to control situations very well,” Henson said.
Freshman Lindsey Gorsira’s dad was a Navy seal but she spends her Veterans Day a little differently. “My mom hangs up a flag and that’s about it,” Gorsira said. Gorsira’s grandfather was in World War two but sadly he’s deceased now. “I greatly appreciate any World War two veterans, they sacrificed so much for our country,” Gorsira said.
“I think Veterans Day gives us an opportunity to appreciate what people have done for our country,” Gorsira said.