Heelys, Are They Back?

Heelys, Are They Back?

Nayeli Arellano, Staff Reporter

The year is 2006, life is good, London Bridge by Fergie is playing on the radio, Happy Feet is in theatres and you have what kids envied the most, Heelys. Yeah Heelys, those shoes with wheels in them, if you didn’t have them you wanted them and probably begged your parents for them. Kids zipped down the hallways and rolled across the mall floor. When someone wore them they were ten times cooler, but that was 2006 it’s all in the past…right? Recently teens have been bringing back these timeless shoes and can be seen cruising the hallways of FHS.

“They’re really fun, and it’s really good in school because it’s super smooth instead of super bumpy and it helps to get in class on time when I’m running late,” sophomore Will Bagli said. He explained that he got them simply because he spotted one of his friends wearing them. Shortly after he decided to get a pair for Christmas.

When Heelys rose in popularity in the early ‘00s they were quickly banned in malls and schools. The reason for this was the risk of injury and liability issues. Now, more than 10 years later, the rules are still applicable. Shortly after students brought Heelys back onto the FHS floors they were swiftly reminded of the previous ban on the coveted shoes. Senior Shane Cross was approached by faculty after a few weeks of sporting his Heelys.  “It’s stupid [they don’t] want me wearing them and I want to wear them,” Cross added, “They’re fun [and they] make me feel like a kid again.”

Assistant principal Kraig Kelican was quick to provide a reason for the ban on Heelys. “They aren’t allowed,” Kelican said. “The biggest reason is that they are a safety issue particularly with all the steps and sidewalks we have we are afraid that someone will slip on the steps, or if they’re using Heelys out on the sidewalks they hit a crack and fall down.” Regardless, students are bringing Heelys back from the dead and having fun doing so.