FFA Exibits the Importance to Giving Back

Catherine Smith, Staff Reporter

Giving back is not something everyone thinks to do on a regular basis, but the FFA teacher’s lunch is an example of just that. FFA is a national organization that focuses on three main aspects: leadership, personal growth and career success. Although it is centered around agriculture, they organize many other activities.

FFA has hosted many service projects including the teacher’s lunch on February 19. Many agreed that this project reflected the amount of work and thought put into planning an event to give back. Some just see this as a school tradition but there is a bigger meaning.    

“We do it every year and every year our goal is to give back to the teachers because they put in so many extra hours helping us become better students and people,” FFA President Claire Ledbetter said. “It’s just a small way to say thank you for all the work they do.”    

The teachers found this event very touching and a nice way to see the students doing something for others. It was an opportunity to come together and interact. The teachers had nothing but great things to say about the lunch.

“I thought it was very nice. The food was very good, I thought it was nice to have a chance to sit down and talk with people on different floors,” math teacher Ann Meyer said. “I don’t normally see anybody but other math teachers.”   

FFA drew attention to the fact that teachers are important and that giving back leaves a memory. Many students became interested in what FFA was during lunch because they saw teachers coming in and out of the gym with smiles and food. They wanted to know what else these students got to plan and participate in throughout the year.

“I think it very nice that they do that by reaching out and doing something nice for the teachers.” Meyer said.

The FFA Organization planned a simple way to show students and teachers that they care about their school.  They have been working to make others more involved in their own lives as well as with the school. Members of FFA believe that the teacher’s lunch achieved the goal of successfully giving back to others.