Robson Girls, The Perfect Duo

The Robson sisters start the new track season with a state qualifier.


Victor O'Neil

Alyssa (left) and Stephanie (right) compete against each other in the hurdle race.

Rachel Singleton, Editor-in-Chief

Newcomers and sisters Stephanie Robson and Alyssa Robson excel this winter track season, despite facing challenges of injuries, a new school and a new track and field team. Both have qualified for state competition this season, with Alyssa qualifying in hurdles and Stephanie qualifying in triple and high jump.

The Robson sisters transferred to FHS from Culpeper County High School where they both had successful track seasons, both qualifying to compete in New Balance Nationals. Alyssa competed freshman year in hurdles and triple jump, and Stephanie competing freshman year in long and triple jump. Then, sophomore year, Stephanie competed in triple jump where she also moved on to Emerging Elite, a higher level of national competition.

Stephanie and Alyssa adjusted to the new environment quickly and worked to make the best of the season. “It’s been good. I feel like we haven’t had many indoor meets. We had to run in 30-degree weather every meet, but I feel like there’s a lot to come in the next month before states,” said Alyssa.

Despite a strong start to the season, it was put on pause for Stephanie after she was injured running the 4×200 as she passed the baton off to her sister. This injury sidelined her for about two weeks.

Although setback by this, Stephanie remained motivated. “After I got hurt, I just asked, ‘What was our time? Did we make states? Did we make regionals?’ Just… hoping for the best outcome and wanting our team to keep going,” said Stephanie. “But now I am back, coming for the postseason. Hopefully, I’m going to come out strong because the comeback is always stronger than the setback.”

Moving further into the season, Stephanie and Alyssa keep their eyes set on goals for the rest of winter track. Alyssa said she hopes to break all her personal records (PRs) and get top eight in the state for hurdles and jumps. Stephanie plans on working towards earning another state championship.

Sprinting coach Ian Lansdowne said he was pleasantly surprised by all the girls’ work and how easily they integrated themselves into the team. “I’m really proud of how Stephanie stuck with it and how Alyssa integrated herself into the team. I know it’s hard to come in as a new person with a lot of expectations, but they really worked into being good teammates.”

Colleen Robson, assistant principal and mother of the Robson sisters, said that she was also very proud of the girls. “They juggle a lot. They leave here four nights a week and then go to volleyball practices for a travel team down in Charlottesville,” said Colleen Robson.

As sisters, both believe they push one another to do their best. “Since we were little, we’ve pushed each other because everything is a competition between us. So it kind of makes us work that much harder,” said Alyssa.

Stephanie added, “She is the biggest competition… But at the same time, she’s still my sister, she’s still my teammate and… it’s always a team bond, a team duo.”