Miller brings a ‘Hail Storm’


Caroline Liebel, Staff Reporter

Balancing sports games, practices, schoolwork, and a job can be difficult, but senior Hailey Miller manages her heavy schedule with a positive attitude.
“I try to be as organized as possible,” Miller said. “I love all the things I do, and I want to be able to fully and successfully commit myself to them.”
Miller, who works at Harris Teeter, has a boss who is flexible and works with her and her rigorous sports schedule. As a student-athlete for all four years of her high school career, Miller plays field hockey, basketball, and soccer. Currently, Miller is a key player on the basketball team.
“The scoreboard doesn’t represent how we are as a team,” Miller said. “Or the amount of hard work we put into practices and games.”
According to Miller, senior Sami Cooper inspired her to work harder and become a better player. With Cooper’s departure from the team, Miller became the only senior and has stepped up into a leadership role.
“Hailey has always been a leader,” head coach George Jolley said. “She is the most positive person on the team and continues to look for ways to lift the team.”
As winter turns to spring, Miller transitions from basketball to soccer.
“Everyone on the team inspires me,” Miller said. “Everyone works hard and really wants to be there.”
Last year, the Falcons girls soccer team had a successful season, with a record of 12-4-1. Miller is confident about the outcome of her final season.
“I can’t wait for the season to start,” Miller said. “I love playing soccer, I love the girls, and the coach is awesome. I really want to win districts this year, and I know that we can.”
For many teammates, Miller’s positive attitude and eagerness to play inspires them to be better athletes. Sophomore Megan Diehl plays all three varsity sports with Miller, and has watched her grow as an athlete.
“She gets better every day,” Diehl said. “She cares a lot about the sports, and is a really good role model. She puts in all her effort, and makes me want to try harder and not slack off.”
Although Miller is undecided about where she wants to attend college, she plans to study pediatric medicine and says that playing collegiate field hockey may be an option at a smaller school. Miller sees herself as a very competitive person, and enjoys being a strong component of the successful field hockey team that placed third in the state competition in 2012.
“It’s nice to know that at the end of the season we’ll have a good shot at states.” Miller said.
Miller has received numerous honors. Freshman year she had an honorable mention, all district. Her sophomore year she made first team, all district and region, defensive player all district, and second team all state. During her junior year, she made first team all district, second team all region, and received an honorable mention for the state competition. Her senior season, she made first team all district and region, player of the year all district, defensive player of the year all region, and second team all state.
Not only is Miller a physically strong athlete, but recovering from multiple injuries has made her mentally strong, as well.
“I’ve had a few sprained ankles, and a concussion from soccer,” Miller said. “But the worst injury was when I tore my ACL freshman year during field hockey. Tearing your ACL is a big deal, and coming back from that has made me stronger when I go out on the field or court. Mentally and emotionally, I am 110 percent.”
Miller attributes her success in sports to the drive to succeed in all aspects of her life.
“When I’m doing well in school and in my personal life,” Miller said. “I know I’m going to go out on the field or court with much more concentration and drive.”