Dr. Jeck’s March 16 Announcement

Catherine Smith, Advertising Manager & Social Media Director

Superintendent David Jeck answered families’ questions today regarding school closures via an email to Fauquier County Public Schools (FCPS). In the following excerpt, he stated:

  1. Work assigned by teachers: As of Friday, March 13, teachers were asked to send instructional materials home with students or to make them available in some other way. That same evening, at 7:07 p.m., Governor Northam instituted an attendance waiver similar to the weather closure waivers. This means there is no expectation for the continuity of instruction during the closure, and no schoolwork is to be assigned or graded. As a result, any materials sent home are to be considered optional instructional resources.
  2. Meals: We are working with Fauquier FISH and our school nutrition program to provide meals to families that need them. FISH does plan to continue the Weekend Power Pack Program as long as food is available.
  3. The School Calendar: As of right now nothing has changed in terms of the school calendar, that includes graduation dates, spring break, the last day of school and SOL testing dates.
  4. Spring Sports/other extra-curricular programs are suspended until schools re-open.

Jeck will continue to respond to questions sent to him on Twitter, but for additional information, visit: http://www.fcps1.org/covid19 and https://www.fcps1.org/Page/3186.