The Power of Social Distancing

Margaret McGee, Contributor

Now more than ever, your home is your safe house. In order to prevent and slow down the spread of COVID-19, social distancing measures must be taken. 

Social distancing means putting physical distance between yourself and other people—in this case, about six feet. 

As a student and young teen, I can say that this is a quite difficult and confusing situation. To go from seeing your friends and favorite teachers every day to being stuck in your house bored out of your mind is not something you or anyone can prepare you for. Despite the boredom, I know that social distancing is the best option right now. It frustrates me to see people going out to crowded public places with their friends, not considering who they may be infecting. 

It is the job of myself, and other teens to start thinking about what we can do to benefit our community. Whether that means skipping your daily Starbucks run or postponing your large family friend gathering. 

Health care professionals are working long hours, and putting their lives on the line right now. As citizens, the best thing we can do to help them is by staying home.  

Social distancing is important for all of us to take part in whether you are young, old or in between. If I tested positive for COVID-19, I would not be fearful for my life. However, I would worry for my relatives, such as my grandmother, who is 72 years old with stage-four ovarian cancer. Her low immune system would not be strong enough to fight such a strong virus. It is important to me that she stays healthy and distant from possible carriers. 

As frustrating and boring as social distancing can be, it is quite necessary. A person may leave their house and grab a bite to eat and think nothing of it when in reality they’re causing more harm than they know. When grocery shopping, people should be required to wear face masks and gloves as soon as they walk in. In order to stop this mess, people need to start taking social distancing more seriously.

To the people who are feeling anxious or restless during this time, your choice to self-isolate will benefit your community in the long run. 

If this pandemic isn’t contained, this novel coronavirus could well circulate around the globe for years to come, at great peril to us and our loved ones.