Cindy Faulconer

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Cindy Faulconer

Say “hallo!” to new German teacher Cindy Faulconer. Faulconer loves learning new languages, but German is her favorite. She has visited Germany multiple times. “I love the scenery and beautiful old buildings in Germany. There is so much history there, and it’s fairly easy to get around and see things,” said Faulconer.
Faulconer can speak three languages fluently; English, French and German. She learned German because of the German trainers she met while horseback riding. “One of the trainers asked me to work for him in Germany, so I did.”
Faulconer has been teaching for five years. Her favorite thing about teaching is “seeing students engage in things they really love to do.” Faulconer hopes to bring a sense of community and connection to FHS students. “My first trip out of the country changed me a little,” said Faulconer. “I want FHS students to feel the same sense of exploration and wonder of the world I felt when I returned to the U.S.”

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