Nov. 9: FCPS1 Reopening Plan

The Fauquier County Public Schools (FCPS) School Board updated the school hybrid and virtual plan dedicated to “no loss of instructional time.” Seventy individuals have participated in substitute teacher training, while only seven individuals participated in substitute bus driver training.
Eighty-eight percent of students responded to an FCPS survey. 71 percent of students chose the hybrid school and 32 percent of students will continue virtually.
Students may change from virtual to hybrid after the end of the semester.
Hybrid students are able to switch to the virtual model at any time.
On synchronous days, virtual students will view class through a live stream.
Students may participate in class through an online chat option or with their microphones.
Various technology updates are being implemented for virtual students.
Asynchronous days will run as they have under the virtual model, but students’ access to teachers may be limited while teachers instruct their synchronous students for the day.

In-School Safety Measures
Before school students and staff must complete an emailed survey assessing their health.
The survey will be on the new FCPS app.
More information at a later date.
Masks required in school and on the bus, they can only be taken off during lunch.
It is recommended to bring two masks to school.
Bandanas, neck guards, and scarves are not allowed as mask substitutes.
Face shields can be worn with masks.
If a student receives special permission from the administration, only a face shield may be worn.
There will be NO mask breaks.
Students who do not wear a mask will have three chances.
On the first offense, they will be sent to administration.
On the second offense, parents will be called.
On the third offense, students will be sent to virtual learning.
Desks will be at least six feet apart.
Frequent handwashing is asked of students.
Touchless water fountains will be installed throughout the semester.
There will be regularly-planned extra cleaning.
Contracted services will do deep cleanings on Wednesdays.
Most heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units have been updated.

Band and Gym Classes
Instruments will be played with special masks.
Will be played outside as much as possible.
Playing time will be limited.
All gym equipment will be disinfected between uses.
Gym students must be spaced 10ft apart from each other.

Special Needs Classes
Asynchronous and hybrid schedules may vary from student to student.
Speech and occupational therapy will be virtual unless parents provide transportation, then scheduled in-person therapy will happen on synchronous days.
Some classrooms have plexiglass between the desks.
Virtual support will also be provided on asynchronous days, depending on the student.
Individuals Education Plan (IEP) and 504 teams are revising plans.

Until December free meals will be provided for all students.
Virtual students can receive food bundles on Wednesdays and Fridays after school.

Sports teams will train outdoors and indoors beginning early December.
Seasons have been shortened.
Students with COVID-19 will be suspended from activities.

COVID-19 Case Response
Exact responses will vary from case to case, in line with the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) requirements.
In each health clinic, there is now a waiting room, a treatment area and an isolation area for individuals with COVID-19 symptoms.
Individuals with COVID will have to isolate for at least 10 days.
Individual classrooms may be shut down.
Contract tracing will occur.
Specific information will be sent to families in close proximity to the case because of privacy concerns.
A letter from the VDH will be sent to families with each case.
If a school shuts down due to COVID-19, the snow day notification system will be utilized to inform parents.
Case info will be updated daily on the COVID-19 dashboard and through the FCPS app.
There is no current reimbursement for COVID-19 tests.

Only families who requested transportation, 31% of the student body, will ride the bus.
Once routes are finalized, they will not change until the second semester.
There are currently 18 routes.

Grades and Testing
Students can opt for a pass/fail and it will not be added to their grade point average (GPA).
Students who wish to be National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) athletes are recommended to check with their desired school before choosing a pass/fail.
Dual enrollment, advanced placement (AP) and Mount Vista Governor’s School classes cannot be graded as pass/fail.
Virginia waived accreditation, but standard of learning (SOL) testing is still required.