Fall Fashion Trends

The cast of television show Friends wearing typical 90s fashion. A trend coming back into the fashion world for teens.


The cast of television show “Friends” wearing typical 90’s fashion. A trend coming back into the fashion world for teens.

As crisp weather approaches, fashion brands are putting out their fall and winter lines. 90’s trends seem to be making an appearance yet again. Styles such as baggy jeans with tight shirts, turtle necks, big sweaters, plaid skirts and flannels have been filling the racks and pages of websites for the past month.
As 90’s motion pictures such as, Friends and Clueless, are gaining teen attention the styles are becoming trendy. Popular teen-oriented clothing brands, Pacsun and Urban Outfitters, have been sharing these same ideas on their clothing lines this season.
Stella Mccartney, former Beatle Paul Mccartney’s daughter and fashion designer, has twisted this 90s fashion into something of her own. Following some of the same basic fashion ideas, Stella has created a bright colored, work-like fashion line that is now in style. Along with her creative material for this year’s Autumn line, all of her products are vegan and cruelty free, a selling point for many.
Teenagers tend to get inspired by their favorite actors or celebrities, not only by mindset, but fashion sense too. Social media has been the hotspot for teens to see what their favorite celebrities are wearing. Apps like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest have all been huge parts of spreading new fashion trends, like the 90’s fall style.
Along with getting ideas on social media, teens have started to create their own style. Being creative with your style is a great way to show your personality through your outfit. Check out social media or online shops to find some pieces for your wardrobe.