Student Speak Out: Halloween Experiences

Do You Have Any Memorable Trick-or-Treating Memories as a Kid? 

FRESHMAN: When I was younger, I used to have so much fun trick-or-treating with my family…My neighbor used to set up a small haunted house, and that was super fun to go through. My neighborhood used to have a lot of kids, so I would see friends and make new friends every Halloween night. I remember I used to bring a pillowcase to collect my candy in…I don’t have any bad memories that I can remember because I only remember all the fun stuff…There is one story I will never forget. I was probably about 5, and I was walking up to the last house of the night. I had gotten so much candy that it was getting hard to hold it all. I knocked on the door and there wasn’t an answer. I knocked again and there was no answer. I went to walk away from the house when all of a sudden the door flung open. A woman dressed in a super scary costume, with a horrifying mask, screamed super loud and scared me so bad. I screamed bloody murder, threw my candy onto the ground and started to cry. I ran back to my parents, and they started to laugh so hard. They told me that she was only trying to have fun, that it was fake, that I could go get my candy off of the ground.” –JAKE MILLER



SOPHOMORE: “Yes I do, probably when I went in eighth grade with my friends and my brother. We went to Evie’s house, sorted our candy and traded. Last year, we were out in the middle of the field and it was raining and lightning. So, we were trick or treating in the rain and we were soaking wet. – HAYLEY PONN


JUNIOR: “Yes, I have a good memory of Halloween. It was in 2016. My whole family dressed up as Star Wars characters. We got so many compliments. I do have a bad memory. It was when my neighbor scared me when I was about 7 years old. I was so scared I literally peed my pants and had to go home.”- RILEY LYNCH 

SENIOR: “Yeah, when I was new at a high school in Florida, this girl invited me to go trick-or-treating. I was dressed up as a Panda. We had a good time together…A bad memory was when I was the King Pig from Angry Birds, it was so embarrassing, and my dad was walking with me the entire time. Another [bad] time was when I was a robber. I got a pillowcase of candy. My mom put it in the pantry and gave it to her piano kids. My dad gave [the rest] to the kids at church. So, I had no candy left, and I was very disappointed. ” – JULIA CALVERT