CTE fair introduces future students to elective options

Sarah Thornton, Managing Editor

Eighth grade students from all five county middle schools visited the CTE Career Pathways fair hosted at FHS on Feb. 26. Students from Kettle Run, Fauquier and Liberty set up booths in the new gym for the twelve career classes offered at FHS.
“I think [the fair] is important because they don’t know a lot about high school,” senior Nicole Layton said. “It’s an introduction to classes, and they get to see how [high school students] interact with each other in the actual high school setting.”  Layton gave students information about the Child Care program and urges students to sign up because of the good experiences she’s had working with the preschool students.
Kettle Run senior Austin Rodgers helped kids explore the opportunities marketing classes provide. As a part of DECA, Rodgers runs Kettle Run’s school store.
“It can help better them in their future with decision-making and marketing, and it helps them manage money,” Rodgers said.
The Health Occupations class was represented by the nursing students who travel to the Fauquier Health Rehabilitation Center to work with the patients, one of whom is CNA-certified senior Eva Velasco. Velasco gave students a lesson on the Heimlich maneuver for adults and babies, hoping to help them save a life.
“I think it might help them if someone is choking; it’s important to know,” Velasco said. “They got an inside look at what nursing is really like, if they are interested.”
One of the eighth grade students who visited was Taylor Middle School’s Amanda Maskell. Maskell went into the program knowing she was interested in taking agricultural classes, but found new interests.
“I really liked the culinary arts station,” Maskell said. “I think I will take it in high school.”