Students Return to School on Hybrid Format


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Fauquier County students had the option to stay home, virtual, or go into school twice a week, hybrid.

On November 9th Fauquier County Public Schools (FCPS) brought a fraction of students back into the classroom through the hybrid model. Some students chose to stay virtual for the rest of the semester while over half of FHS chose to go hybrid.
Although appropriate precautions are being taken, some students didn’t feel comfortable going back into school. Freshman Jake Miller’s first thought was about his family and how his higher risk members would be affected. He opted to stay for virtual schooling. “I like being able to talk to my friends during the day, but I like being in the comfort of my own home while working,” said Miller.
However, others chose to go return on their assigned day. FHS provided hand sanitizers, buckets of wipes and Wednesday’s set aside for cleaning for each classroom. Sophomore Anna Tate, who opted for the hybrid layout, said she was “pleasantly surprised with how well everything has been going so far.”
Students like Tate also returned to in-person learning because they missed the working environment. “I mostly came back for social interaction because I’m a very social person. I need to be able to see my teachers and my friends, even if not all of them are here,” said Tate.
Teachers adjusted plans to accommodate teaching virtual and hybrid students at the same time but several students felt the atmosphere similar. Junior Lily Paccassi, who opted for hybrid learning, said, “It’s different because there are people around us, but so far a lot of my teachers are teaching very similarly to how they did virtually. I don’t think it is better or worse. I’m fine with both versions.”
For seniors the experience has been different. They have expressed concern of safety conflicting with missed opportunities in their last year of high school. Just like fellow students there are many seniors who decided to stay home and remain virtual. However, senior T.J. Brooks says he chose to go back. “As a senior it is such a bittersweet year because I know the school is trying their best but it still feels like so much has been taken away from me and my graduating class,” said Brooks.