Serving Up a Season of Wins: Varsity Girls Volleyball Update


provided by FHS Twitter

The Varsity Girls Volleyball team breaks to discuss strategy and regroup before set two against Kettle Run High School.

The FHS Varsity girls volleyball team is back in action. They are 3-1, with a 3-0 district standing. Tomorrow evening there is a game at Liberty which will finish the first district round. “It seems to be going very fast right now,” said Head Coach Diana Story.
The biggest difference for the team is “playing in the winter/springtime and not the fall,” said Story. This means that many of the girls are playing travel volleyball during their high school volleyball season.
Another change this season is the Virginia High School League’s (VHSL) guidelines for games and practices, however the team has had an easy time adjusting to the VHSL protocol because of communication from Athletic Trainer Bryan Grimley and Athletic Director Mark Ott. “They have been diligent about helping us understand what we need to know for the safety of all,” said Story.
The shortened season led to a quicker team bonding period than in years past. “We are both an old and a young team. This group has really molded together well and helps each other out on and off the volleyball court. They are very coachable and that helps us make them a better team and better players,” said Story.
With the remainder of the season Story hopes to continue to improve as a team and work hard. “We continue to work on defense, offense (hitting) and all facets of the game,” said Story. Her goal includes winning the district title and moving on to regionals

During set four, the Varsity Girls Volleyball Team kept the Falcon spirit alive. (provided by FHS Twitter)
Senior Kate Wilvert gets under the ball in serve receive to rally for the point. (provided by FHS Twitter)
Celebrating a set three win, the team gathers in the center of the court to celebrate as teammates cheer them on. (provided by FHS Twitter)
Junior Skyler Furr blocks an incoming hit during set four as her teammates cover her. (provided by FHS Twitter)