FHS Varsity Football Team Placed in Quarantine



After a reported positive COVID-19 case on Monday, the entire FHS varsity football team was sent home and asked to quarantine on Tuesday, April 13.

The entire FHS varsity football team was placed in quarantine on Tuesday, April 13, after being called down to the nurses office by Principal Kraig Kelican at approximately 1:04 p.m.
A player tested positive on Monday after developing symptoms after last Friday’s football game. “You know, I think the reality of it is it’s inevitable that the virus is going to spread and you’re going to have people that contract the virus. I think our job is to try to minimize that risk and to try to reduce the amount of contact,” said Kelican.
There is no proven connection between the positive J.V. case reported at the beginning of the month since the teams practice and compete separately. No additional players have reported a positive test since being released.
Several of the students are multi-sport athletes and are not able to continue with tryouts or practice until the two-week quarantine period is over. “I’m pretty bummed. If they don’t get confirmation on the shortened quarantine and I’m out for two weeks, I won’t get to play in our first game against Liberty [High School],” said junior Nick Curtis.