The class of 2021 has been through a crazy year. With many traditions being canceled or modified, end-of-year plans for seniors were up in the air. Many hoped that as the year came to a close, confusion would clear up in order to have a semi-normal graduation. When FHS brought the seniors into the auditorium for a class meeting, they were told how these end of the year festivities would roll. Some students felt that was not the right time to bring up the concerns they had since the announcements were just settling in.
As a few weeks went by, students tried to ask individuals about graduation and the end-of-year events and were shut down, and their feelings were invalidated. Students understood how much it took to come to the decisions made, yet no one, other other than those in the Student Council Association (SCA), was asked how they felt about it in comparison to other schools.
By being able to hold anything at all, the seniors are truly grateful for everything the administration has planned for us. However, when the senior class heard how the school came to this decision, they were a little confused. Two out of the three high schools in the county would be holding completely normal graduations at Jiffy Lube Live. Though some Falcons are thankful to have the ceremony at their high school, they wondered why FHS was running things differently.
We came to find out the SCA voted on behalf of the senior class what they felt the class would enjoy. Since they chose the Falcon Field route, that’s what administration went with. The SCA is a club. It isn’t something that should hold as much power as it did this year. This is somewhat understandable, but with such a crazy year we have had, it would have been nice to be asked. Then administration could choose based on the general consensus.
Since the majority of school plans this year were asked via Google Forms, some students felt their input was overlooked because there was no questionnaire revolving graduation. In no way was anyone ungrateful or disrespecting authority, they just felt that the majority of students weren’t being heard. That is where this “debate” came from. Not out of disrespect or ungratefulness, just out of pure confusion and anger due to feeling their opinions did not matter.

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