“Free Guy” Exceeds Expectations



Free Guy was released in theaters on August 13.

“Free Guy” is a 2021 science fiction comedy directed by Shawn Levy, starring Ryan Reynolds, who plays “Blue Shirt Guy”, a video game non-player character (NPC) who has developed sentience. “Free Guy” was developed in August 2016, from a spec script written by Matt Lieberman, although it didn’t start filming until August 2019.
Due to COVID-19 related delays, and months of development, “Free Guy” was released on August 13, to a highly positive response, likely due to the very popular cast. The film features numerous award-winning actors, such as Joe Keery, Taika Waititi, Jodie Comer and the aforementioned Reynolds.
Despite the rough and overextended development, the reviews, even after a month of release, remain positive from critics, and even more so from the audience rating. This was a personal project of Levy, Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, and it is very clear while watching the movie how passionate they were about its development.
I’ve watched this movie several times now, and I notice something new every time. With as many jokes that are right in your face, there are so many more in the background, that you can only really notice when you don’t have to pay attention.
The movie is a little corny at times, but nevertheless, I still find it to be a very enjoyable watch. Despite the flaws, which are very few, I found it a very fun film to watch and would watch it again anytime. There isn’t a moment in the entire film where I wasn’t completely engaged and interested in the plot.
It’s clear to me that the producers and writers genuinely wanted the movie to be easy to watch, accurate and visually pleasing. This is evident not just in the writing, but the visual design and mood of the actors. The script was incredibly well written and does a great job of shifting from comedy to an emotional moment, and then back to comedy.
Many of the complaints that I’ve heard are based on the overuse of YouTubers, with appearances of content creators such as Pokimane, LazarBeam, DanTDM, Jacksepticeye, Ninja and a few others. People believe that YouTube and Hollywood should stay separate, and that YouTubers don’t have a rigorous enough acting background to star in a blockbuster movie. While their complaints do have some validity to them, what needs to be remembered is that, in the modern-day, the line between Youtubers, and actors, is getting thinner and thinner. Of course not every popular Youtuber should get into acting, but it is a valid option once you reach a certain level of popularity, and if you get popular enough, people may start to reach out to you.
“Free Guy,” in my opinion, is an objectively good movie. It’s a hearty film that’s easy to watch. It stands at one hour and fifty-five minutes, which makes for a perfect break in your day to sit down and relax. It’s neither too short to be rushed and unenjoyable, or too long that you have to set aside an entire day just to watch it.