Following in family footsteps

Senior Nicole Crabtree developed a passion with the Warrenton Volunteer Fire Department


provided by Nicole Crabtree

Brayden Cole (left) and Nicole Crabtree (right) are both apart of the Warrenton Volunteer Fire Department.

Lily Finkbeiner, Staff

Nicole Crabtree has decided to pursue a career in firefighting. Crabtree has had the experience of a lifetime as a member of the Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company. The Fire Fighting class has given Crabtree experience in the firehouse as well as in fighting fires.
“The class teaches you everything you need to know to get the basic information to be a firefighter and then when you go back to your station they are happy to work with you and train with you,” said Crabtree.
When taking the fire class there are both practical days and class days. “Practical days were always my favorite because you just get to go outside and learn how to actually do stuff,” said Crabtree. Class days consist of lectures, “but they were always fun since it was always interesting and usually the teacher allowed time at the end of class to do practical.”
The Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company notifies Crabtree when there is an EMS or fire call in Fauquier. She gets notifications while she is in class, at practice and when she is at home. “I now have my ringer off for that because it got really annoying, but I can basically see whatever is going on in the county,” said Crabtree.
Crabtree is following in her parent’s footsteps, her dad was a volunteer firefighter and her mom was a volunteer EMT. “I don’t know if they want me to go career with it, but I’m going to anyway, but they were so supportive when I started.” Crabtree does not plan on staying in Warrenton, but will be going to work at a fire department in one of the surrounding counties.