Thank you to Raymond Bumbrey

After 20 years of service, Raymond leaves for new job position at local Brumfield Elementary School


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Administration shows appreciation for 20 years of service.

Sabrina Brooks, Features Editor

Raymond Bumbrey left his custodial position on October 19 after 20 years of service. Every morning he stood at the end of the bus ramp and helped with traffic. He is now going to be working at Brumfield Elementary School.
Dude. be nice set up a “goodbye” ceremony for Bumbrey with balloons, a card, signed by faculty and students, cupcakes and music. Principal Kraig Kelican said his farewells and invited Brumbrey to return anytime, saying he would always be a “Falcon” and then walked him back inside through the lobby doors.
Kelican encouraged Brumbrey to do what’s best for him and described him as “a great person.” Kelican, has known Bumbrey since he first started at the school.
“He never complained…if you asked him to do something he would do it,” said Kelican.