Thanksgiving traditions



“I usually play a in an annual football game with my friends and watch the parade with my family. We also always have my Dad’s parents and his sister over for dinner and have the usual turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and all that stuff. Pretty much a stereotypical thanksgiving,” said Colin Ashby.

Every year on the fourth Thursday of November families all around the United States gather to celebrate the day of thanks. Students share their family’s favorite and most beloved traditions to celebrate this Thanksgiving.
“We’re at our grandparents house right now, which is new. This is the first year we are all together for Thanksgiving which is fun,” said junior, Greenley Stobo. Whether it’s sharing memories, or making traditional Thanksgiving food, most families do something special.
Some families also have the unexpected happen, sophomore, Riley King said, “We don’t do this on purpose, but every year my mom catches the oven on fire while she’s making her sweet potatoes.”
Like sophomore, Jimena Morote, many family members live far away and can’t always make it to Thanksgiving dinner, so a more intimate dinner is what many families have, “We just do a dinner. It’s always at my house because a lot of my family lives in Peru,” said Morote.
Food traditions are among one of the most popular traditions, even if they’re not always appetizing. “For dinner we usually try to keep it the same each year and use recipes that are from past relatives. One of my favorites is a green jello that my dad and I made the night before. It doesn’t always look pleasing because of the color, but in my opinion it’s delicious,” said sophomore, Grace Jones.
Thanksgiving is also not always a one day event, sophomore, Abby Lunsford says her family starts prepping the day before, “My family always has family over to either our house or my grandma’s house. We start cooking the day before, and we always cook the same foods every year because it’s tradition,” said Lunsford.
Whether your family has many traditions or just does a simple dinner, families all over the United States take the day to celebrate and give thanks.