The Metropolitan Museum of Art reviewed

Spring/Summer collection 2021 from LRS, “American Stripe” Dress.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met) is arguably one of the most prestigious and well-known art museums in the world. Hosting events like the Met Gala and holding works of some of the most famous artists in the world, the Met is a must-see attraction when visiting New York (N.Y.) City.
After recently taking a trip up the city, I decided to take a visit to this world-renowned museum and must I say, it’s worth it. Although tickets needed to be purchased ahead of your visit, the prices were very reasonable. For adults the cost is $25 and for students the cost is $12. For all that I saw there I would’ve paid even more. Ahead of your visit I highly recommend taking a look at their website: Exhibitions | The Metropolitan Museum of Art, to see what exhibits will be there while you visit.
Being a lover of fashion, I was ecstatic to see the museum’s new exhibit: In America A Lexicon of Fashion. I was absolutely blown away with the talent and detail designers such as Ralph Lauren, Virgil Abloh and Jeremy Scott included in their work. The creativity each designer was able to share with us was mind-blowing and certainly something people should see. A quilt was displayed in the fashion exhibit that featured signatures of famous people from all over the world. It even included eight past presidents.
After going to the fashion exhibit, I didn’t think the museum could get any better, but it did. When I walked into the first exhibit hundreds of Egyptian works were displayed filling the walls. I could have spent the entire day in the Egypt exhibit alone. Seeing thousand year old pottery, mummy cases and hyroglifics was incredible.
I will warn you the Met is overwhelming. Featuring multiple artists and eras, it can be confusing and stressful while wandering around the museum. The Met does provide tours for those who want a more informational experience, but if you go to enjoy the art I recommend going with your own group.
Featuring eras such as Medieval, Modern and various cultural groups, The Met has you covered in just about every area. Though I was disappointed there was no pop art exhibit, The Met is constantly rotating out exhibits so be sure to check when your favorite artists will be showing.
I never thought of myself as the type to wander around art museums for hours on end, but with the Met it’s hard not to do that. There is so much artwork in such a huge space it is almost impossible to spend a short amount of time there.
The Met is a must see destination when traveling to N.Y. City. At least once in your lifetime do you need to pay a visit to this show stopping museum.