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In a Twitter post announcing her acceptance to Shippensburg to play basketball at the collegiate level, Foddrell thanks her family as well as her coaches for all they have done for her.

Makayla Foddrell

After several months of college visits and conversations with coaches, senior Makayla Foddrell officially committed to Shippensburg University on October 11.

“I really didn’t actually know about this school for a while until I visited there for a camp, and, instantly, I fell in love with the campus and the coaching staff. Later when I had a visit, that’s when I knew I really wanted to be there,” said Foddrell.

This wasn’t an easy decision for Foddrell to make at first. She eventually discovered it was the place for her despite several other colleges offering her acceptance at their schools for the fall 2022 start date.

“Top choices. It was Shippensburg, Randolph-Macon, I was looking into Bridgewater, but it wasn’t definitely a top choice. Then I was communicating back and forth with Sheppard, but I wasn’t really feeling it, the relationship with the coach wasn’t fully there. Those were probably my top choices right there,” said Foddrell.

Committing to college in the early fall meant that Foddrell would receive no other offers from colleges. However, Foddrell is confident in her decision and said she is “excited” for the upcoming season as it will “be a great experience.”
“It’s something that’s definitely going to be fresh for me. I’m just ready to get in the gym and work out with the girls and just create a relationship with my new coach and then my teammates as well. I’m ready to grow from it,” said Foddrell.

Foddrell hopes to create a name for herself outside of Warrenton with goals like “getting in shape, working for that starting line-up spot and hopefully just working to be a better player overall,” said Foddrell.

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