Poetry Prose Club is Welcome to All Poets and Readers That Wish to Join


Sarita Portillo

Poetry and pose club member reading their poem out loud.

The Poetry and Pose club was started by juniors Elizabeth Kyne and Keria Fenner. The club creates an environment specifically cultivated to discuss the hidden meanings behind poetry and encourage members to talk about emotions openly, while simultaneously learning about different poets and types of poetry. “I play this video game where these kids got together and made a literature club, this kind of inspired me,” said Kyne.

The club meetings are set up to first learn about a specific poet or a culture’s type of poetry. Then literature pieces pertaining to the topic are chosen to be read outloud and discussed. After, the stage is open to members to discuss a poem of their choice, which also includes their own writings or song lyrics.

The club has steadily grown from the initial three members to the now 5-7. Kyne makes sure to create a “supportive atmosphere,” where everyone is encouraged to “be honest with each other.” In poetry you talk about some deeper, more emotional topics.” Simultaneously, making sure all the topics that are covered are not triggering for any members, as she explains “if anyones uncomfortable with a certain topic, I make sure to know about it beforehand.”
Kyne invites all to join. If interested, go to Robin Frost’s room 308, on the third floor, Tuesday after school. Meetings tend to finish around 3:30 p.m. Snacks and tea are provided.