Dogs in School!


Isabelle Breakiron

Animal system students Claire Scaring, Sara Moore, Emily Gray and Paige Dean enjoying taking care of these little pups.

All throughout covid, “pandemic puppies” have introduced many new furry friends into our community. With these fuzzy faces came new responsibility and love. With teachers’ busy schedules, managing these pups became more and more difficult. Animal systems teacher Susan Hilleary brought up the idea to host a doggy daycare for students to dog-sit teachers’ pups during the school day. “Doggy daycare helps the teachers and helps our students too,” says Hilleary.
While being a part of animal systems class, students learn how to take care of and learn more about all kinds of animals. By intertwining puppies into the curriculum, students learn in a happy, uplifting environment, which boosts students’ and staffs’ serotonin. “People love to see the dogs, and it makes everybody’s day to get a puppy kiss in the morning,” says Hilleary.

Two puppies, Rosie and Cota, have been able to live a pampered life this past semester as they get constant walks, treats and lots of belly rubs. Seeing these furry friends all through the schools students get the idea of what happens in being involved with such a great program.

As the puppy daycare becomes more popular, Hilleary hopes to be able to continue to have the puppies for students next year. With only being able to host two puppies at a time the request for spots becomes limited and may result in a doggy lottery to see whose lucky pup can enjoy the school life.