Artist Spotlight: Katie Anguino

Senior Katie Anguino has been taking art classes for all four years of her high school career. She is currently taking AP Art with Mrs. Dawn Brown and has also dabbled in photography classes.

When it comes to her preferred artistic style, Anguino says she likes to vary what she does. “All mediums have something different to offer, so I just like experimenting.” Brown describes Anguino’s style as “very meticulous.” She continues, “She’s one of the most talented kids I’ve ever taught. She’s really amazing at being able to draw the human figure and she adds a ton of detail.”

Brown includes this experimentation skill when talking about Anguino’s artistic growth over the years. “I feel like as she’s gotten older she’s become more investigative in her art. She does research in her sketchbook that we push kids to do, and she just does it on her own.”

Anguino started making art at a young age, and she has always been an “artsy kid.” Her earliest artistic memory comes from a drawing she did as a child. “When I was little I really wanted to draw an octopus, and I couldn’t for some reason. It frustrated me, so I just kept trying to draw it until I got better.”

Today, the piece she is most proud of is an astronaut she drew using charcoal in her junior year. She was also recently picked to showcase one of her pieces in a nearby hospital.

“Every year we do an art show at a hospital, and it’s always one teacher who gets to pick one student. One of her pieces is hanging, and it’s a really cool skeleton piece.” Says Brown.

In the future, Anguino plans to pursue art. She hopes to “see how far” she can go and “just get better.”