Celebrating Women: Rebecca Issac

Q. Do you think it is important to teach feminism in schools? Why or why not?
I think it’s important to teach about women who have made advances for gender equality, from the suffragettes to civil rights activists and equal rights activists to the Me Too Movement activists of today. Strong women have and will continue to contribute to society as much as men do, and they deserve respectful treatment and recognition the same as anyone else.

Q. If you could give young women any advice what would it be?
Be true to yourself — build on your strengths and surround yourself with people who treat you respectfully and are positive role models.

Q. Do you ever feel you have been looked down upon for being a woman or treated differently (especially in the school systems)? Any examples?
I have been treated dismissively, cut off and not listened to as much as men are. When I was in school, girls were not expected to be as good in math and science as boys, and I am happy to see this seems to have changed.

Q. What do you think the future looks like for feminism/women’s rights in the workforce and in general?
There is still a wage gap and some discrimination that needs to be corrected .But I do see women as able to go into any field of work they wish without barriers if they set their mind to it. I see women taking leadership and bringing diverse perspectives and changes needed for a sustainable future.