Boys Lacrosse Faces Liberty in Rivalry Matchup

The Fauquier Falcons and the Liberty Eagles will be competing in two lacrosse games on April 6, 2022. The first game will be between the JV teams and will begin at 5:30 PM, and the second game will be a Varsity game at 7:00 PM. Both games will take place at Liberty High School.

Freshman JV player Joe Scribner feels very confident in the team’s ability to win, saying, “We want the region to know that Fauquier Lacrosse is on the hunt.” Freshman JV player Sam Roteman expressed excitement, saying, “I’m super excited because they [Liberty] are one of our biggest rivals, and we’re playing them on their turf.” Sophomore JV player Sam Boulter said that he doesn’t feel stressed, and that the only pressure he feels is that he will be playing a rival school.

11th grade-varsity player Grady Panagos said that he is “amped” and “ready to play our rivals and take them down.” Sophomore varsity player Billy Brooks said, “I’m kind of confident because it’s Liberty, but I can’t be too confident because last year’s team was a different team.”

A lot of the players had long experience playing lacrosse. For example, Billy Brooks said that he has played for ten years. The team looks to defeat Liberty once again in a rematch of the 2021 Regional Final.