Jennifer Spence

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Jennifer Spence

Former kayaking instructor Jennifer Spence teaches self contained English 9th, 12th, and a collaborative class for 10th graders. Spence taught at FHS 16 years ago and came back to teach some more Falcons. When asked if she could choose anything else to teach she said math. She despised math in her time at school. So, given the chance, her goal would be to help the students understand math and feel good about their math skills.

When asked if the pandemic impacted her teaching style she said, “Absolutely, 100 percent.” She continued by saying that there is “a lot more technology than I [had] previously.” Assigning online work constantly makes a big difference for a lot of teachers. This is one of the leading reasons why many teachers quit during the pandemic.

When asked if the change from Blackboard to Schoology changed how she ran her class, she said, ¨Where I am from we used an application called Canvas, which is similar to Schoology. So yes, it has impacted some things. But it is too early to say for sure.¨ If you see her in the hallway to give a big Falcon hello from all of us at FHS!

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