Anonymous TikTok Artist Rises to Fame


Screenshot by Clara Compton

BoyWithUke’s Spotify and most popular songs.

BoyWithUke is no stranger to producing songs, but he is new to the music industry. The 20 year old musician has been posting his music on Instagram and TikTok since fall of 2020.

Since releasing his song “Toxic” during fall of last year, he has gained 5.5 million fans on the app. In an interview with Billboard, BoyWithUke said, “I honestly didn’t think that song would blow up.” Little did he know, that song would get over 500,000 global streams in the span of six months. He has a total of 38 songs and a new one coming out very soon.

BoyWithUke has said in a Twitter post that he is a generally anxious and awkward person. He comes from a lower class family and was bullied in school. This led to a very reserved personality which led to him writing his “dreams” albums. There are three different albums in this collection: “Serotonin Dreams,” “Melatonin Dreams,” and “Fever Dreams.
The first album he released was “Melatonin Dreams” on January 22, 2021. In a twitter post, BoyWithUke said, “The darkest out of the three albums, ‘Melatonin Dreams’ general theme is about suicidal thoughts and mental illinesses… Overall ‘Melatonin Dreams’’ is a dark album, but shows glimmers of the light beyond the darkness.”

The next album he released was “Fever Dreams” on June 4, 2021. “Fever Dreams” has a wider variety of emotions and the tracks have a more upbeat rhythm. Even though the album sounds happier, it is still based on dark memories from BoyWithUke. That being said, the direct meaning of the main theme of this album seems to be unclear.

His latest and final album of the “dreams” saga is “Serotonin Dreams”. This album follows a different story, as the first four tracks are about a long distance relationship. The fifth track is about a rejection, which is then followed with several tracks of post-break up emotions.

One of his popular songs, “Understand”, doesn’t really go with the rest of the songs. It seems to be more about him crushing on another girl. The chorus of the song goes, “Girl I hope you understand I wanted to hold your hand, but I can’t. Wanted to be your man back then.” At the end of the song he goes back to talking about an ex-lover, as the lyrics go “But you’re dead to me. Effectively removing yourself outside my dreams.” Since this album was the final one in the “dreams” collection, he says it symbolizes that he has woken up from this dream.