OPINION: Class change should be longer


Drew Kolb

Students should have more time to travel between classes.

FHS has a large, complex campus that can be hard to navigate. The time between classes is too short for students to get from one side of the school to another. This forces students to rush to their next class, leading to crowds at the stairs and doorways. This crowding slows down students getting to their class. Time between classes should be slightly longer to allow students to get to class without rushing.

Crowds in the hallways can be a hazard for students getting from one class to another. These crowds usually develop at the stairs and doorways of the school, and lead to people bumping into each other. This can be dangerous in the stairwells. This issue can be solved by lengthening the time between classes, so people won’t be in such a rush to get to their classes.

The transition time between classes is not only used for getting from one class to the other. It is also used to talk to teachers after class, use the restroom, and other things that don’t fit into regular class time. By expanding the time between classes, students can do what they need to do before the next class starts. Some students might use the extra time to goof off and socialize, but ultimately it would improve tardiness.

If the time between classes is increased, then the extra school time should be added at the end of the day. I feel like more time between classes is worth more school time. While this may slightly impact after school activities and clubs negatively, the time is well spent.

Overall, I feel that our school should increase the amount of time between classes. While this may have some negative consequences, it would help students get to class safely and on time. Of course, more time between classes means more responsibility for students to do what they’re supposed to do.