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PRO/CON: Bears – Cute and cuddly or Godless killing machines?

The Falconer Staff

April 2, 2013

PRO by Maddie Lemelin, features/arts director Let’s take a moment and appreciate bears. They are the soft toilet paper of the world – necessary and comfortable, yet often overlooked. But the truth is, bears are a necessary ...

Enigmatic teachers proffers wisdom

Abby Seitz, Online/Associate Editor

April 2, 2013

An oasis of creativity occupies the end of the 100s hallway. Cinderblock walls display an array of posters, featuring everything from Walt Whitman to The X Files. near a wooden desk, flooded with papers. A towering man sits at...

Taco Bell moving to new location

Abby Seitz, Online/Associate Editor

March 20, 2013

Our generation has witnessed many historic events, from the election of America’s first black president to the opening of the new building on campus. In April, we will see another groundbreaking event in our community – the opening of a new Taco Bel...

Live from the CTE fair

Abby Seitz, Online/Associate Editor

February 26, 2013


Opinion: Adolescent mental health system is failing patients

Abby Seitz, Sports Director

January 7, 2013

In a country where one in five Americans under 18 have a diagnosable mental disorder, there is a major gap in both understanding and treating mental illness among adolescents. The flawed mental health system results from a lack...

The price to play: the cost of high school sports on the rise

Abby Seitz, Sports Director

January 4, 2013

Team jackets. County activity fee. Mandatory team field trip. New cleats. In a time of economic hardships, the cost of playing a high school sport is getting steeper every season. Equipment has gotten more expensive in the la...

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