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Website terms of service:
effective February 15, 2013
Hi. The Falconer is a co-curricular publication, and while we are the student newspaper of Fauquier High School, this website (as well as any social media accounts) are 100% student run. However, administrators and teachers very well could be reading anything on this website.

Comments: Users can choose to leave comments on particular articles of interest. Commenters may register anonymously. However, if a third party complains that a comment breaches our terms of service, we will make reasonable efforts to contact the commenter and alert them to the situation. If we are required to by law to disclose commenters’ contact information, we will attempt to contact commenters to give them the opportunity to respond to such requests.

Any comments made on this website are property of The Falconer. By submitting any form on this website, you are granting The Falconer permission to use any comments or opinions expressed in the print edition of the newspaper. If you take a survey or poll, any comments submitted are subject to edits for context, style, or grammar/spelling if printed.

Your use of, as well as our Twitter and Instagram accounts, indicates you have read and understood these policies and indicates your agreement to abide by said policies.

Thank you!

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Terms of Service