Denise Haugsdahl of Victor O'Neill

Anna Wright


Q: How long have you been playing tennis?
A: ¨13 years. I started playing tennis when I was five through Chesnut Forks. My parents thought it would be a great idea to have at least one child have the tennis experience, especially since my dad plays all the time.¨

Q: Why did you decide to play tennis?
A: ¨My entire family plays tennis, and so it seemed natural that I should try it, but I ended up liking it more than any other sport.¨

Q: What do you enjoy most about tennis?
A: ¨I like that you can play singles or be on a team. A lot of it is based on your skill and strategy against an opponent.¨

Q: Who’s your biggest role model within the sport?
A: ¨It’s a bit cliche but Serena Williams. She works hard to be the best in the sport, and I really connected with her when she used to play with Venus as her doubles partner because of the family aspect.¨

Q: What’s your biggest goal at the moment?
A: ¨Well, I had always wanted to play Rank One on our team, and I finally did it! But I do want to play in [a] club, maybe varsity tennis, later in college.¨

Q: Do you plan on playing in college?
A: ¨I do want to play in college at the club level, but I do want to try out for varsity tennis since Sewanee is a D3 school.¨

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