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The Student News Site of Fauquier High School

The Falconer


The Falconer is the award-winning independent student-run newspaper of Fauquier High School. Classes are offered by FHS to expand one’s knowledge of journalism, but the publication itself remains independent. The goals of the publication are to inform and entertain the student body, interpret news, and provide a public forum for the exchange of ideas and opinions of students and faculty at FHS. In addition, this publication serves as a laboratory for students interested in learning sound journalistic techniques. Full editorial control lies in the hands of the students, and we have consistently established ourselves as a public forum open to controversial and unorthodox ideas that challenge the FHS administration. While The Falconer does take input from school leaders and advisors, the final editorial decisions have, for many years, solely lied with the student team of editors. The Falconer receives funding from a variety of sources, including from the school, advertisers, and donors, though who we receive funding from will never affect the content we produce.

We are committed to following all applicable copyright laws of the United States. Every photo used for all content both online and in print publications is either taken by a staff member, used with permission, under the Creative Commons license, or used under the fair use limitation of United States law. For questions regarding this, please contact [email protected].

The Falconer is proud to be an award-winning publication and hold our writing to the highest possible standard. For additional information, see our ethical standards.

2023 – 2024 Staff


David Achter, Editor-in-Chief
Ali Patusky, Editor-in-Chief

Maggie Arnold, Managing Editor
Clara Compton, Managing Editor

Charles Hargrove, Viewpoints Editor
Jane Khyzhniak, Entertainment Editor
Reese Brown, Sports Editor

Samantha Sova, Advisor


Estrella Arellano
Isabelle Breakiron
Elena Carino
Jaden Cook
Kat Crandall
Maddie Fox
Isabella Galvan
Sophia Garcia
Kaitlynn Gray
Audrey Gwennap
Bailey Hall
Madeline Hanover
Ava Hard
Gavin Hawkins
Addison Heislup
Hank Hethcote
Grace Jones
Lillie Joy
Sebastian Luna
Brianna McColl
Kendrick McGinnis
Rahath Miah
Caleb Mitchell
Jayala Penn
Mailee Perez
Nathan Potes
Brianna Sandoval
Daniela Sandoval
Darely Sandoval
Simona Suarez
Matthew Teach
Kameron Thompson
Jessica Tillman
Tatum Walker

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