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The rise of OpenAIs ChatGPT has prompted concerns from teachers.
FHS Responds to Rise of ChatGPT
David Achter, Editor-in-Chief

Teachers at FHS have brand-new helpers this year, assisting them with organizing, lesson planning and rubric creation. But they’re not county...

Chromebooks made their mark in Fauquier county in 2020, but, time and time again students misuse them.
Chromebooks: Useful, but Distracting?
Jaden Cook, Staff
Temperatures in the teens combined with snow and ice created a dangerous atmosphere for students in the cube.
The Cube Lacked Heat Despite Dangerous Temps
Tatum Walker, Staff
New Assistant Principal Robert Glascock proudly poses for a photo during a class change.
Glascock Confirmed as New Assistant Principal
Ali Patusky, Editor-in-Chief
Phone holders used by teachers where students are asked to put their phones up.
Students At FHS Speak About The New Phone Policy
Brianna Sandoval, Staff

The dark blue color and blocky numbers of the phone holders are becoming increasingly...

The Samosa is a simple yet delicious dish, fit for any time.
Samosa Recipe
Rahath Miah, Staff
Child Development teacher Nancy Nye took three gap years.
Class of 2024 Should Consider a Gap Year
Hank Hethcote, Staff
The Kindness Month Spirit Week will be bursting with color.
"Kindness Month" Spirit Week will be Filled with Color
Elena Carino, Staff
Sound Of Freedom is a sad but compelling movie about sex trafficking.
"Sound Of Freedom"
Darely Sandoval, Staff
Fast Car by Luke Combs is a phenomenal rework of Tracy Chapmans original song.
Luke Comb's "Fast Car" Remakes a Classic
Jessica Tillman, Staff
Stranger Things season 4 is both interesting and has a scary element to it.
"Stranger Things" Season 4: A Thrill for Viewers
Audrey Gwennap, Staff

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From pajamas to sweaters, students in American schools represent a variety of different fashion styles, as shown by senior Sofie Gerleit and freshmen Chyanne Dusseljee.
COLUMN: On American Fashion, from Eastern Europe
Jane Khyzhniak, Staff

When I moved from Europe to the United States, I experienced a lot of culture shocks while in this country. One of the biggest shocks was how...

Balls representing a variety of different sports rest in a gym closet.
FHS Devotes Too Much Attention to Football
Simona Suarez, Staff

FHS needs to devote more attention to other sports and less on the football team. The varsity football team’s record for 2023 is 1-8, and their...

A snow covered FHS track.
The Differences Between Cross Country and Track
Bailey Hall, Staff
Charleigh Read storms up the field during a girls lacrosse game against Brentsville High School.
Upcoming Girls Lacrosse
Elena Carino, Staff
The swim team takes a fun picture after a meet.
Fauquier's Regional Swim Team
Audrey Gwennap, Staff
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Boys soccer team huddle during a match against Tuscarora Mills High School.
Boys Soccer Players Excited for New Season
Darely Sandoval, Staff
Players in a previous tournament throw dodgeballs.
Annual Dodgeball Tournament: The Competition is HOT!
Mailee Perez, Staff
Hurdling is one of the many events seen in both spring and winter track and field.
Spring Track Continues to be an FHS Favorite
Mailee Perez, Staff
Priscilla is a memorable but tragic love story of Priscilla and Elvis Presley.
"Priscilla:" Being in Love with a Devil in a Rockstar's Body
Jane Khyzhniak, Staff
FHS band students gather with band members from Rappahannock and Culpeper County schools at Eastern View High School to practice pieces for their public concert.
Tri-County Band Still a Success Nearly 30 Years Later
Rahath Miah, Staff
Lies of P breathes new life into a classic story and a monopolized genre.
"Lies of P:" A Souls-Like Game Made By Souls-Like Fans
Caleb Mitchell, Staff
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