Margaret McGee

Kim Raines’s goal is to help her students see the beauty within mathematics.

Kim Raines

Turn on those thinking caps and get ready to learn! Kim Raines is the new mathematics teacher ready to inspire students to appreciate the subject. She hopes to offer “experience, care and, hopefully, a little energy” to her students.
Raines has taught mathematics in Fauquier County for 33 years. Ever since a young age, Raines has “always wanted to teach.” She started by mentoring her younger sister then moved into tutoring “engineering peers at Virginia Tech in their math courses,” said Raines. She was also influenced by her math teachers.
Raines enjoys teaching math because she loves the way it all “fits together. I like the challenges and ‘puzzles’ that are within mathematics.” She wants students to think for themselves and understand the logical connections in math. “I like to speak less than my students do. I want them to discover the patterns and beauty of mathematics,” said Raines.

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