Margaret McGee

Dawn Morton

When it comes to reading and writing, Dawn Morton is there to lend a hand! Morton had been teaching for 20 years at the elementary school level, until going back to school to get her masters in literacy. Her switch to teaching at the highschool level began after COVID, with becoming a long term substitute teacher at KRHS. “Being back in the classroom made me realize how much I missed teaching students,” said Morton.
Her interest in teaching began when her son started third grade and was “getting in trouble frequently. I would go and observe what was going on and help students who were having a hard time,” said Morton.
When she’s not teaching, Morton enjoys exercising. “I run three miles almost every day after school. When I get home I just make myself do it,” said Morton. She’s also a music lover. “I love listening to classic rock and going to concerts. Tom Petty is my very favorite!”

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