photo by Sabrina Brooks

Students of all ages gather to play games of chess with one another.

Students initiate chess club to promote fun and learning

The chess club held their first meeting with over 30 members in attendance in October.
Juniors Peter Pacassi and Brendon O’Hara initiated the club and were soon sponsored by Doctor Catherine Croft.
“We were playing chess against each other and then we said let’s make a chess club,” said Paccassi.
Three days later the chess club was set in motion and now over 60 students come to the cafeteria to play.
Participants are encouraged to bring their own chess board. Those without a board can use the computers. The club is open to all levels of experience.
“There were a lot of people that actually didn’t know how to play and were there to learn,” said Croft.
Interested students should visit room 703 to receive a pass for the meetings, which are held every Monday and Friday during homeroom.
“Come out to chess club, it’s very fun,” said O’Hara.

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