Dana Beyer

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Dana Beyer

If you like rock or indie music, like “Kings of Leon”, then Dana Beyer is a teacher you want to meet! Beyer is a new teacher at FHS and is delighted to help her students in every way she can. Beyer is a special education English teacher, who teaches grades 9, 10, and 12.

Many think teachers are the ones in high school who were always at the top of their class, with straight A’s, but that is not always the case. Beyer struggled in high school, which is why she is eager to help her students succeed in every way she can. “I want more students to like reading, and I really don’t care if they are even good at it. I just want students to be interested in reading,” said Beyer.

Beyer’s goal is to help her students get the academic support needed for them to succeed. She wants to help every step of the way, which is why she is her students’ biggest support inside and outside of school. Beyer loves helping, so on the weekends she volunteers her time at the farmer’s market.

Beyer had a dream of becoming famous in the screenwriting industry, and she even worked in the industry. She worked a lot of different jobs but still felt unfulfilled. ¨None of the jobs were something that helped people, and that is what I was missing. But with teaching I get that feeling every day!” said Beyer. Her sister advised her to follow her passion, and the students now know her as an English teacher here at FHS.

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