Kelly Pauley

These are some of the products Pauley likes to make during her free time at the lavender farm.

Kelly Pauley

“Teacher, teacher, can you help me?” Don’t worry Kelly Pauley is on the rescue! She has been in the education field for 27 years, teaching kindergarten and preschool. She is now embarking on the new journey of working with high schoolers! Pauley started her career as a Special Education teacher at a daycare center and then became a preschool teacher. After this, she spent 12 years working as an Instructional Assistant (IA) for kindergarten.
During her free time, Pauley likes to work on a lavender farm by taking customer’s orders, and occasionally showing customers how to cut lavender stems. She loves to spend time outside hiking and camping. One of Pauley’s favorite memories from last summer was when she went to Iceland to see her daughter get married. “There is so much to see and do there…One day I hope to see the northern lights,” said Pauley.
Pauley is passionate about spending time with the veterans because her father is an air force veteran. “I love when he meets with other Veterans because they share some amazing stories about their time serving,” said Pauley.
She hopes to bring positive energy to the classroom. “I love making relationships with the students and staff,” said Pauley. She is also looking forward to having students return to school so she can meet them in person. Pauley chose FHS because she “wanted the challenge of changing from teaching 5 year olds to teaching high school.”
Pauley’s goal for this school year “is for my students to look forward to coming to school everyday knowing that they are safe and loved. I also want my students to know that they are capable of learning and that their life matters. Together we can accomplish anything.”

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