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For the Kulang’s, big family gatherings won’t be possible this year.

A Day in the Life: Thanksgiving at Kulang’s House

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it’s time to celebrate. The food, the people and the fall vibes are what I love about this day.
In the past, my family has celebrated Thanksgiving at my cousins’ house with their extended relatives, you could say it’s a tradition. Every year, I always find I have another family member I didn’t know of, which I think is interesting to say the least.
Other than that, everyone who comes always brings something to contribute to the meal. It could be food, drinks or decorations. The mothers usually plan who’s bringing what and then organize everything throughout the day.
We play music while the kids play and the adults talk. When it’s time to eat, we go around the table sharing what we’re thankful for. After that, either my dad or uncle will give a long prayer. However, this year with COVID-19, or as I like to call it, Miss Rona, a lot of things had to change.
Since things are going to be a lot different this year, my family will be celebrating at home. I know it is not going to be the same like every other year, but I figure we can still make it work. While I’m still excited to celebrate it is a bit sad knowing I won’t get to see everyone or enjoy the individual home cooking. However, I’m just glad to have my four siblings and parents to celebrate with during this untypical time.

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