Making a decision about the graduation venue was never meant to be controversial. When the Student Council Association (SCA) officers made the decision, everyone genuinely believed this is what the students would want. If COVID-19 wasn’t a thing, this is what we would normally do.
This graduation plan is cost efficient and a closer drive for families. This means it is more convenient to get to, rather than driving 30 plus minutes out of the way. We are not Liberty High School (LHS) nor are we Kettle Run High School (KHRS). We don’t want to be like every other school. We want to be as original as possible. Graduation on the Falcon Field has always been the tradition.
Tradition is what FHS is all about. Think about this, how many of your family members have graduated from FHS? Now, how many of those family members graduated on the Falcon Field? Don’t you want to continue that tradition? I know I do.
I know many people believe tradition is dead because of the circumstances we have been in the past year due to COVID-19, but Jiffy Lube has no sentimental value to us. SCA sponsor Michelle Green made a statement in the paper about how a location or venue can make you feel more comfortable if it has more sentimental value and makes the moment so much more memorable, and I agree with that statement. Wouldn’t you rather be somewhere where you feel nostalgic, a place that brings emotion?
Jiffy Lube Live is only allowing KRHS and LHS 10 guests per student as well as having both graduations in the same day but at different times. Therefore, having graduation on the Falcon Field allows us, FHS students, an additional two more guests then we would at Jiffy Lube.
It wouldn’t be a normal graduation at Jiffy Lube, due to the amount of students, because everyone gets their diploma and the ceremony is over. We would have to leave the venue immediately. I don’t think many are realizing that. You won’t get that feeling of nostalgia when you get your diploma and take pictures right after with your family and the graduates. When there is only a third of the senior class on the Falcon Field, there may be some breathing room and time after to congratulate and take pictures, abiding by Centers for Disease Control rules of course, by some of our favorite spots, such as with the Falcon.
The SCA officers were elected to be the voice of our school, and if you feel you weren’t heard, our apologies. However, Principal Kraig Kelican gave the senior class a chance to speak up about the graduation ceremony the day it was announced at the senior assembly. He asked for any comments and/or concerns and heard nothing.
All of us, including the sponsors, are always available and approachable. It is now too late to change the venue for graduation, and I feel we should be grateful and appreciate the fact we are getting a graduation ceremony. Let’s make graduation as memorable and fun as possible!

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