Fall Football Season Wrap up


Tayte Mills

Celebration by the football team as well as the fans after Homecoming Football Game.

Tayte Mills, Staff Reporter

The 2019 Fauquier Football Season might not have concluded the preferred way, but many would still consider this four to six season to be a success. This season was coach Karl Buckwalter’s initial season, and it was definitely a step in the right direction. The second game in the season against the Brentsville Tigers, snapped a 13 game losing streak, dating back to 2017. That win seemed to give relief to the school and community going into the season. For the first time in years, people looked forward to going Falcon Field every Friday night. For the majority of the season, Evan Jackson helped lead the defense to victory. the Falcon defense, on average, gave up 26 points per game, and had a winning record through seven games, four to three. Another positive from the season is Fauquier beating rival Kettle Run 21-7. However, even though there were a lot of positives this season, just like every other season, there are seniors who will never take the field again. Seniors Nick Shadyac, Kyle Dargis, and Deandre Chavis, and more, were all leaders of this Falcon football team, and will never walk onto Falcon Field as a player again. But with that, Fauquier looks to build upon this season as returning players hold thoughts of a winning season next year as they go into the offseason.