Bowling Club Rolls Their Way In


Frank Strano

Along with bowling, Bowling Club members get to play in the arcade.

Hannah Newton, Staff Reporter

Bowling Club, a new club sponsored by business law teacher Frank Strano, was formed this past November. Meetings are held on Fridays at the Mountain View Bowling Center in Culpeper.

Ideas for the club began when homeroom teachers asked their students if there were any activities they were interested in that the school didn’t offer. Bowling came up as a recurrent topic that students wanted to participate in. Since interest was shown, Strano volunteered to sponsor, mainly because of his previous experience with the sport.

The Bowling Club attracts participants for many reasons. Sophomore Wyatt Croson joined because of knee surgery which limited his participation in sports. Others, like Peyton Dean, sophomore and team captain, joined because of their fondness for Strano. Croson describes his experience as a “good time hanging out with friends.”

Friendly competition is a big part of this club. In fact, the captain of the team is based on who bowls the best. The club isn’t just about bowling though. Bowling Club members also play at the alley’s arcade after matches, enjoying some refreshments and snacks as they play. The group is “something for [the kids] to do and enjoy” says Strano.

The club hopes that other high schools in Fauquier County create bowling clubs of their own. This would lead to more publicized tournaments instead of the optional ones that are not hosted by any particular academic organization. Instead of just being Bowling Club, the group could become more of a competitive activity that the school can get involved with. Strano hopes to make the club “something that is bigger than it is today.”