Taco Bell moving to new location

Abby Seitz, Online/Associate Editor

Our generation has witnessed many historic events, from the election of America’s first black president to the opening of the new building on campus. In April, we will see another groundbreaking event in our community – the opening of a new Taco Bell at 238 Broadview Avenue, the site of a former Exxon station.
“I’m so excited that I don’t think I can put it into words,” freshman Dominique Herring said. “It’ll be bigger and brand new. The Gainesville Taco Bell has a beautiful color scheme inside, so I’m hoping we’re lucky and get one just as nice.”
Taco Bell is moving because their 20-year lease at the current location expires on April 13. The new Taco Bell will be 2,420 square feet.
“The new Taco Bell will have two drive thru’s, rather than one,” manager Shakur Ackbar said. “It will also have a bar style set up in place of some tables. Everything will be brand new; we aren’t bringing anything over there from the current location.”
While some may find the changes exciting, others are dismayed by the restaurant’s new location. Junior Davy Savering and his friends go to Taco Bell every Thursday, and while the new location is closer to the school, their experience will be compromised.
“Before, it was closer to my home and that shopping center with Chipotle,” Savering said. “Now it’s all out of the way for me. We would mess around in that shopping center after we finished eating at Taco Bell, and it’ll be too far away to do that.”
Junior Chase Lacy, also a member of the Taco Bell crew, was extremely disappointed to find out that his beloved restaurant is moving.
“I like where it currently is. It’s like taco home,” Lacy said. “I don’t want to move my taco home. It’s been there for as long as I can remember. It won’t be the same.”
Lacy also said the prospect of a newer and more modern setting does not soothe the pain.
“My friends add the flavor, not the decor,” Lacy said. “I like the gritty, poor feeling you get when you walk in there. It’s plain and boring, but it’s Taco Bell.”
Nevertheless, Lacy said he will continue to give the chain business.
“[The Taco Bell Crew] will make it work, and we will certainly continue to go every Thursday,” Lacy said. “You cannot put a price on love. Even though the Bell has sinned, I will forgive.”