Creating Art from Inspirations

May 2021 Artist of the Month: Caitlin Killian, junior


provided by Caitlin Killian

Junior, Caitlin Killian

Making art from inspiration is Junior Caitlin Killian’s favorite pastime. Killian is the May FHS Falcon Artist of the Month. She currently takes Art III with art teacher Dawn Brown. “I love working with Caitlin because she listens, follows directions and always looks for ways to improve her artwork,” said Brown.
Killian has been taking art classes at FHS for three years and is planning on making a career out of her art. “I got involved with art when I was a kid. I really enjoyed doing it as I was growing up,” said Killian. “I just stuck with it over the years.” Brown is “confident that art will always be a part of her life.”
Killian focuses on taking ordinary things and putting them in a new perspective. She doesn’t have a specific art style because she likes trying new things and making her pieces different. When creating she “usually just puts down whatever I’m thinking or feeling at the moment,” said Killian.
She enjoys painting canvases and drawing with charcoal or pencil best because she likes “how much detail you can put into an artwork with just one thing,” said Killian. Her go-to artwork design is flowers.
In March, Killian was recognized as the Art Department’s first Artist of the Week. This came as a surprise to Killian. “She has done an outstanding job with her art work, even though she is attending school virtually,” said Brown. “She works really hard to perfect her work, often going back several times after we have critiqued it together. Caitlin is very creative and always brings great interpretations and ideas to the table when working on her projects.”
Killian’s advice to new beginning artists is “draw what you like as a person, and don’t give up. Criticism may be hard, but it’s what makes your art better.”

Junior Caitlin Killian is currently in Art III and plans to continue all the way until AP Art. (provided by Fauquier HS Fine Arts Department Twitter)
Sketching is a pastime of Killian’s along with her favorites, canvas painting and charcoal drawing. (provided by Fauquier HS Fine Arts Department Twitter)
Looking for a new perspective, junior Caitlin Killian chooses an ant’s view of a basketball game. (provided by Fauquier HS Fine Arts Department Twitter)
Featuring Killian as the first-ever Artist of the Week for the FHS Fine Arts Department. (provided by Fauquier HS Fine Arts Department Twitter)